Handpresso Pump
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This is the ultimate version of the portable espresso Machine: the Handpresso Pump. The machine works with ESE pods and / or ground coffee for espresso and is available in Black, Blue, Fuchsi and Lime. Responding to repeated requests from our fans, Handpresso has created a machine with maximum modularity. Depending on the mood or the moment, you can choose your ground coffee for espresso and barista be, or place the adapter ESE and enjoy the convenience of pods. More possible uses for a consistently high quality appointments! And as for the whole range Wild: Simple, lightweight, stylish and compact, the Handpresso Wild hybrid follows you in the office, on vacation, weekend trip in or traveling. You make up the pressure to 16 bar, using a pump, like a bicycle. You add hot water (from a thermos or kettle), place the espresso of your choice and serve a high quality espresso! It works without batteries or electricity and will appeal to those who care about the environment.

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Handpresso Pump

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